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Julian is a medium-sized town in the Riker Province of Gastonia. Its population is approximately 1,500, including outlying farms and hamlets. There are a variety of businesses in Julian, but the main source of income comes from Iron Road trade.


Julian was a small farming town until about 50 years ago. The Iron Road, the trade route linking Sesset and Gastonia, traditionally ran through the plains to the south. Eventually, traders realized that Julian's position on the river made it an ideal launch site for a new path of the Iron Road that traveled across Gods Home Lake. With this new route established, the town experienced explosive growth.


The current lord of Julian is Melina Gladstone. She rose to prominence as trade rapidly changed the makeup of the town. She eventually attained her position by buying out the previous lord, a noble who had fallen on hard times. Under Gladstone's hard-nosed leadership, the town has flourished.

Notable Organizations

Underwood Company (an affiliate of the National Fighters' Guild of Gastonia), Oversteel Corporation (local mercenary guild), Fatal Mistake (tavern), Merry Making (tavern), Cobblestone Cobblers, Curios & Sundries (pawnshop), Chapel of the Sun (nondemoninational place of worship), Balduvian Traders, Gringot's Waypost, The Four Horsemen (stables), Stormwind Masons, Crank's Crossbows, Turad's Arms, Grim Undertakings (undertaker), Cut from the Same Cloth (tailor)