Each of the human cultures and ethnicities of the real world can be found in Erna. Ethnic variety is present across all races (not all elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc are caucasian). However, because Erna is a supercontinent, there were less natural barriers to population mingling, so there are fewer areas of radically different ethnicity. For people and players looking to create a character of a particular culture, each real-world culture corresponds to a modern-day nation of Erna.


Below is a rough map of the ethnic populations of Erna by region. Peoples of Asiatic descent appear to have originated solely from the island currently known as Jakka.

Erna Ethnicity Map

Culture Edit

The following is a table of which countries maintain cultures, norms, and traditions that correspond to real world cultures.

Erna Nation Real World Nation/Region
Gastonia North America
Ecaz, Freeland Latin/South America
Cartha Ancient Rome/Mediterranean
Jetstone, Sesset Germany/Western European
Ruud Scandinavia
Harkath, Ginzaz Russia/Eastern European
Wilesa France/Great Britain
Jakka Asian/Pacific
Tandrice Egypt/Arabia
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