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Willesa is a pacifist nation that exports art, music, and culture to all of Erna. Several cities along the coast serve as centers of art and creativity for all of Erna. The state is also known as a gathering place for practitioners of magic in all its forms. Though the country has no organized, centralized military, would-be invaders are deterred by the age-old threat of Mana Bombs, hideously destructive spells created by masters of magic ages ago. A ruling council of magically and culturally influential citizens controls these dormant spells, but spends most of its time advising the largely independent cities. Willesa supports Gastonia as a pillar of morality and progress, but has a pact of nonaggression with Harkath.

  • Kalindas Lorthemas- Primus of Willesa





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Population: three million.

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