The Fallen Kingdoms were a collection of hereditary monarchies that existed in the region that makes up Gastonia today. The kingdoms were conquered by the first advances of the powerful Carthic Empire around 600BA, and the Carthic governors worked hard to stamp out the identities and patriotism of these fallen monarchies. In 2AE, when the nascent nation of Harkath rebelled and began pushing the Empire from Erna, the scattered remnants of these ancient kingdoms saw a chance to reclaim their birthrights. The descendants of these old bloodlines came out of hiding and rallied those that would listen, declaring their independence in 6AE as Harkath did all the real fighting in the east. Because the new king's territory cut right through the supply lines of the Carthic forces fighting Harkath, the Empire was quick to acknowledge their sovereignty, and their strength was never tested.

The kingdoms enjoyed a brief period of prosperity and growth, but decades of Carthic control had concentrated much of the development and influence in the southernmost kingdom, based around the sprawling city of Anhk-Moporok. One by one, the Fallen Kingdoms were swallowed back up by the growing nation of Gastonia, and now only the names of the provinces that make up their territory remain as reminders of their existence. Today, very few identify with those fallen bloodlines, especially after the war with Harkath in 290AE spurred on a wave of national patriotism.

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