Ancient HistoryEdit

512BA- The Carthic Empire crosses the Great Strait and begins its conquest of Erna.

549BA- The Carthic Empire completes its military campaign, having pushed to the farthest corners of Erna. Its settlements and garrisons are concentrated along the southern coast of the continent.


40BA- A series of natural disasters combined with a several weak, short-reigned emperors creates a wave of discontent which sweeps through Erna.

15BA- The first major, armed rebellions in 100 years break out at the furthest reaches of the continent. Distant Carthic governors are either deposed or "go native" with increasing frequency.

0BA / 0AE- Hale Harkonnen begins his campaign against the Carthic Empire, uniting eastern Erna under his banner.

3AE- After fighting grinds to a stalemate, the kingdom of Jetstone joins the rebellion, tipping the odds in Erna's favor.

6AE- As the Fallen Kingdoms reassert their independence on the western coast, the Empire withdraws its forces and officially surrenders its hold on the continent of Erna.

Recent HistoryEdit

290AE- Gastonia and Harkath officially declare war after years of tension and border disputes.

296AE- After six bloody years of conflict with few definitive gains, both sides sign a treaty known as the Clash Accords.

298AE- Continued border skirmishes eventually reignite the war.

300AE- The red dragon Karakaxxas descends upon the orcs of the Rahklands from the forests west of the Sage Mountains. Over time, her power and wrath unite many of the scattered clans into a primitive nation.

301AE- Hakarth ceases major offensives and bunkers down along the border. The war once again cools to an unofficial ceasefire.

308AE- In response to repeated incursions by Gastonian forces, the red dragon Karakaxxas sends an army composed of orcs, goblinoids, and trolls south and sacks several towns along Gastonia's northern border. Gastonia pulls forces back from the Harkath border to address this new threat.

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